The European Baromedical Association of Nurses and Operators (EBAss) accreditation scheme for hyperbaric personnel is a Pan European scheme for initial and continuing education and training of personnel working at hyperbaric centres throughout Europe. This scheme will provide certification of hyperbaric personnel at the following levels:

  • European Certified Hyperbaric Chamber Operator (ECHCO) For personnel working with both Multi and Monoplace chambers

  • European Certified Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Monoplace, for personnel working with Monoplace Chambers Only (ECHCOM)

  • European Certified Hyperbaric Registered Nurse (ECHRN)

  • European Certified Hyperbaric Intensive Care Nurse (ECHICN)

  • European Certified Hyperbaric Safety Manager (ECHSM)

    Candidates who successfully complete training and examination under this scheme will have demonstrated competence in their chosen field. The examination of the candidate is in two steps;

  • theory

  • practical

The theory examination is based on multiple choice questions as set by ECB/EBAss. All questions will be at the required level for the qualification according to the EBAss resource manual. Before progressing to the practical examination where applicable, the candidate will need to achieve at least 70% in the theory examination. If applicable the practical examination will involve a practical situation/problem that the candidate will be required to solve. Following successful completion of the above the candidate can apply for certification by ECB/EBAss. Successful candidates will be able to use this certification to prove competence when applying for positions in hyperbaric treatment centres throughout Europe.

All theory examinations must be taken online. To access the online examinations you will need to submit an application to the Accreditation President and pay for your online examination. Once your application has been reviewed and your payment received you will be emailed an enrollment key so that you can take your chosen exam.

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